Pouch Dynamics primary business is to supply pre-made flat pouches, gusseted (including quad bags), standable bags and compartmented pouches. The bags and pouches may be printed or unprinted, may include a round punch-hole or euroslot, tear notch and zipper, resealable tape or spout.

Pouch Dynamics’ bags and pouches have a wide footprint in the food, beverage, pet food, fishing, pharmaceutical and industrial markets.

Pouch Dynamics supplies high-quality laminated bags and pouches – plain or printed. Printing can be in up to eight colours – gravure or flexo, depending on the complexity of the design and customer’s preferences.

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Depending on barrier properties required by the product, Pouch Dynamics can source laminations and co-extrusions to suit the product being packed as well as the post-packing processing that may take place.

Pouch Dynamics’ technical expertise, complemented by the competency of our suppliers, ensure that the bags and pouches supplied have great marketing appeal and provide adequate  product protection.

As the business has evolved, Pouch Dynamics sees itself today as a well-established, low-cost, nimble manufacturer of top-quality bags and pouches, and one that’s happy to deal with large and small runs and to cope with short lead times. ‘We’re agile, we’re quick, we’re creative – we like to get things done. We jump through hoops and push down barriers – it’s a reputation that’s serving us well and has been integral to building our brand and name in the market.

This company philosophy has seen Pouch Dynamics grow a large customer list and develop valued partnerships as a co-manufacturer for some of the country’s biggest flexible converters.

We stick to our core business – bag and pouch making. We’re a focused business unit with a low-cost structure, the benefits of which are passed on to our customers in terms of service, technology and price.’

In the past 18 months or so, Pouch Dynamics has expanded its repertoire even further, launching shaped pouches and retort pouches on to the market, and there’s more to come. ‘Early this year we will be commissioning a sophisticated pouch-maker that will operate in tandem with a spout-inserting machine, débuting in South Africa the first automated – and cost-effective – means to produce these ever-popular convenience packs.

‘Spouts on pouches offer so many application possibilities, but they’re either imported or produced manually and the costs involved have seen them stuck in a tiny niche for premium products. They just haven’t been able to compete with a PET bottle and closure. This brilliant format will soon be available at a cost-effective price

Another plan is the installation of a self-adhesive label applicator. ‘We have a lot of demand for this, especially from smaller manufacturers who can’t afford a labeller and have to resort to manual application. It’s a natural add-on to what we offer and we expect good uptake of this service.

From zero base ten year’s ago, Pouch Dynamics now employs 53 people and can produce in excess of seven  million packs/month