Pouch Dynamics launches its FIRST Bottle Bag!


It has been a dream come true for Cliff Augustyn, Technical & Production Director at Pouch Dynamics, to produce the  first BOTTLE BAG in Africa and possibly in the world. During Propak, Pouch Dynamics launched this unique Bottle Bag.

In short, the Bottle bag is made from a laminated film and is shaped into a bottle like bag. The material structure can be constructed according to the barrier properties and the shelf life that the product requires. Depending on the viscosity of the product, different types of spouts can be inserted for easy pouring and it is recommended that the bag is turned sideways when doing so.

The bag also has a 3 finger punch hole for easy carrying and also makes pouring uncomplicated.

The fact that the bag is made up of either 2 or 3 layers of material allows for designs to be reverse printed in high quality flexo or gravure up to 8 colours with the bag either having a high gloss or matt finish. This will give the bag a vibrant and eyecatching appearance. Presently the Bottle bag is appropriate to pack from 1 to 5 litres of product and lends itself to liquids as well powders and granules.

The unique design of the Bottle bag allows the bag to stand on its base and not on a rim as it is typical of Doypak style barrel bag. This provides greater stability to the bag as well as allows for the downgauging of the material. Typically a 3 litre Barrel Bag would have Polyethylene gauge between 175 and 200micron, however the Bottle bag requires only 150 micron of Polyethylene. This obviously results in a saving to the client.

The carbon footprint of this bag is certainly less than that of any rigid or “Bag and Box” type container and the Bottle Bag is lighter in weight which will result in a saving in transport costs. Furthermore, the Bottle Bag in its empty state will utilise significantly less storage space which again will result in a cost saving. Another advantage that Bottle bag offers is that there will be less breakage compared to glass or Pet bottles

We believe that that the Bottle Bag offers a good alternative to pack liquids such as wine, sauces, juices,water,chemicals (even paint) not to mention liquid products that get packed in bulk for cater and industrial market.

Think outside of packing your liquids in  the customary rigid containers, try the new Bottle bag!

Please feel free to contact Pouch Dynamics to discuss your requirements.

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