Heinz Pospech

(The General)

Managing Director

Heinz is responsible for the daily operation of the company, from establishing and implementing discussions about the fate of units within the company.


Cliff Augustyn

(Major General)

Technical / Production Director


Cliff is responsible for defining the technical strategy for each project: pipeline, tools, and key procedures.


Shirley Miles



Administration Director

Shirley is responsible for managing the business finances, Codes of conduct and operational policies, overseeing human resources and leading company staff.


Ruben Knoetzen


Factory Manager

Ruben is responsible for overseeing plant operations, supervising workers, planning, monitoring & quality control.


Bradley Johanneson

(First Lieutenant)


Bradley is responsible for managing the flow of products between the point of origin and the point of use in order to meet the requirements of customers.


Thurston Lategan

(Second Lieutenant)


Thurston is responsible for the acquisition of goods at the best possible cost to meet the needs in terms of quality and quantity.



(Warrant Officer)

Logistics / Technical Administration

Alison is Cliff’s right hand assisting him in his duties of planning projects and reminding him deadlines.


Terry Manuals

(Staff Sergeant)


Terry is the first point of contact and is responsible for answering the phone and handling enquiries, in our known professional manner.

Don Engelbreght



Serena is responsible for presenting our products and services to all our existing and new clientele.


Factory Staff


General Staff

50 Factory staff member work in 2 shifts 24 hours a day to complete your orders.